Whitehouse Crawford Company

Many of my machines are from the Whitehouse Crawford Company in Walla Walla. They sold out in 1987-88. The Corps wanted to build (an unfortunately inappropriate design) a campus style new office and wanted the land under the adjoining lumber yard.

The planing mill, a half block, was saved and is now a restaurant established by newcomers from California.

There were three, maybe four loads like this. 1949 Kenworth hay hauler. Still thanking you Bill.

The Six Inch and the Twelve Inch. Moulding bins in back. The knife room to the right. Boiler room entrance to the left.

The guards were removed at this time. Fritz is running the last order.

The last set-up on the Eight Inch, which was beside the windows.

The set-up light.

Back to back swing saws.

Looking towards the cabinet department. The band saw which went to Pendleton fro twenty years but is now back in the collection. The wood frame rip saw which I was foolish not to purchase, I’ll find or make a duplicate eventually.

The line shaft. The big electrics drove to the 42″ pulleys. Endless belt.

My dear and enthusiastically supportive mother helping us keep the plant heated while we were preparing the move.

The boiler front. Not sure what the folks from California did with this.

Figuring things out in the new location.

Machines producing again. A hot millwork season shortly after the 1990 recession.

FROM THE EARLY DAYS courtesy Crawford family




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