Traditional Storm Sash and Screens

Traditional storm sash provide an efficient and durable double glazing option which surpasses any modern products. Using two sets of sash to isolate an airspace allows the homeowner to avoid insulated glass. Insulated glass has a very limited life span compared to two layers of single glazing. It is not uncommon for single glazed sash to last a hundred years or more with desultory care. In that same time, insulated glass would need to be replaced four or five times. This is a huge negative as the impact of manufacturing ten layers of glass that go to the dump is an affront to even rudimentary environmental consciousness. Not to mention the other costs associated with replacing glass every 20 to 25 years.

It appears to me that most contemporary window manufactures want a twenty year or less cycle in order to sustain a market. But for the conscious consumer, traditional storm sash double glazing is an option to step off this ridiculous wheel of commitment.

This is a Douglas fir storm sash hanging in the blind stop of a double hung window. Not only is it cutting down on heat transfer, but it also reduces noise and protects the more refined divided lite primary sash. This sash is secured from inside so that it can be opened from the inside if necessary.

These are Summer screens. They fit where the storm sash fit using the same hangers. In this case, these screens vent a kitchen. They are full size because the upper sashes are often lowered to let the heat out of the kitchen.


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