It’s a small start, but I have always wanted to save some old matchers. I have seen so many scrapped after listing for decades in the junk piles at mills over the years. Old planer/matchers are not easy to save or collect. They are large, heavy, and not real useful to the average wood shop.

This is some space behind my building which I have set aside as a temporary home for a matcher collection. Most matchers I have seen at mills are set up in sheds, not fully enclosed. I will be doing the same. A real building would be nice but I am not a doctor or bond trader.

Eventually, the matchers will need a real building and a permanent home.

This is the First Acquisition. As found. It is a C B Rogers six roll planer/matcher. It has very nice lines, Gothic details. It will be splendid restored. It is mostly complete.

This is the Second Acquisition. As found. A four roll matcher. Newer than the Rogers. Is is made by the Rowley and Hermance division of American. It’s a small tidy matcher that would have been found in many small mills planing and matching. This model has to be in the museum because it is called a “New Northwest”.

Now this is a matcher that I wish was in better shape. It would be a good one for the museum because it is a classic “fast feed” machine by a great maker, S A Woods. This is a Model 24 with profilers. It is missing a lot and has some fair amount of damage so I am kinda hoping to find the same or similar machine in better shape.

So it’s a start. I hope to have the two on site soon and get them ready for the Winter. This is a real long term project. Just wanted to get started on it before I get too old and run out of energy. I figure it’s about a ten year project.

Preparing matcher pad.

Setting the Rogers.

The New Northwest.

Hey! Wait a minute. Those aren’t matchers!

Two moulders that just barely didn’t get scrapped.

Maybe I can trade them for matchers.

A year later.

A little progress on the temporary home of the Matcher Museum. That poor extra 505. the green one. Just don’t quite have a plan for it. Thinking of bringing it in with the users, but I really don’t have the space if I run stock of any length.

Year Two.

Been making a little more progress getting enclosed for the Winter.

The Rogers is getting more and more tore apart and freed up. It is in a contest, the 2012 Matcher Race, which posts on the forum. The extra 8″ 505 has been traded away for knives.

The big No 22. Loose parts still inside the main building. All the machines need to be leveled. One thing at a time. Plus I have to make a living. Course I did give myself 10 years to do this project.

Getting ready to seal them in.

The New Northwest will be sealed in for a while too.

But the Rogers will get doors both ends. As this is the one I’m intending to fix first.








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    Any interest?

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