My new addition to the American jointer line up. A Williamsprt 8″.


The tables sit on four inclines mounted on a sliding frame dovetailed into the base casting. The hand knob secures the frame. The four incline tables are typical of many jointers manufactured at the time. This Williamsport design came out around 1890. This machine is likely from around 1900.


As far as I can tell, American dropped the infeed table fence and equiped the post merger Williamsports with the Clement fence which is an outfeed table fence.


This is a Jones Superior cylinder. Probably replaced the square head. It has a slightly smaller cutting circle evidently. The throat is not as small as I would prefer. The bearings are huge for the capacity. An exceptionally smooth runner.


The base, the frame, the inclines all readily seen here.



Real simple bearings. I put felt in the holes where the blocks for the pour set up were. the machine needed the bearings cleaned and scraped. Grooves cleared.




Always a good idea to wrap the cylinder. the caps on this do not index like the Clement machines. So there is some potential for side to side movement when tightening. What I do is snug the bolts. Run the machine and tap the caps with the lead hammer until I can feel and hear it running right.



  1. Rich Gallagher Says:

    I have this same jointer except with a 2 hp 3 phase motor, I was wondering if you have any pictures of the chip shoot ? Mine had a home made dust collection hookup that I removed. Would like to make it original. Also do you know if any one has or makes the AWM decal I have the Metal badge and the shop[ badge but I believe there should have been a decal also on the machine.

    • awwm Says:

      there is a sheet metal piece that lays on top of a diagonal rib in the iron casting that creates a chute to the rear of the machine.


  2. Rich Gallagher Says:

    Thank you Don. I seen there were two small tapped screw holes in the cross brace so I figured it was for a chute but did not know if it was wood or metal. Thank you.

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