This is an American Automatic Knife grinder. It has a 30″ capacity. The table automatically traverses from side to side. Knives are clamped on the table which tilts to suit the grind angle needed. Stops below the carriage limit the motion and throws a reversing yoke which shifts the narrow belt visible on the wide pulley.

This is motor driven here, although I have retained the tight/loose pulleys.

The machine takes a 22″ stone. It turns at 350 rpm and grinds dry. From what I have read, that was the standard for carbon steel. This is how the slotted knives mount onto the grinding platen. You can see the feed shifter here. There are three narrow pulleys down there. The middle is neutral, the outer are powered in opposite directions.

Using clamps and bars, thin knives can be ground. A thin bar is clamped to pass behind the knives so that a set are made the same width. In place is a small jointer knife.

I am just starting to learn the machine. Plenty to do. Shields. Etc..

Pairs ground in pairs.



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