This is the operator’s side of a New Northwest Planer/Matcher. It is a Rowley and Hermance design. Earlier versions are the “Portland” and the “Northwest”. It was also available in a six roll version. This is the smallest American big planer/matcher. That is to say, the smallest planer/matcher with a fixed bed and cutter head and feed roll stanchions. Most small matchers have elevating beds which carry the side heads and bottom head with them as thickness is adjusted. On this machine the  upper head and feed rolls rise to increase thickness and the side and bottom heads are static.

This thing is a real Brute.

The upper cutter head is driven both sides. This is where the heavy thicknessing in done so that is where the most power is required. Saw milling was often not as precise as it is today so the upper cut needed to be able to handle significant variations in dimension of the lumber advancing into the machine.

This is the back side. The other top head pulley, and the bottom head pulley. The angle of the stanchion ways for the upper spindle is such that the belt length remains the same through the range of thicknesses.

The out feed platen and guide swings away and brings the pressure bar and its stanchions along with it. This give wide access to the bottom head knives.

This machine has two speed feed. The detached step pulley is the original. On the machine behind it is a smaller pulley intended to jack up the feed a bunch.


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