This is the baby 505. It is an 8″ machine. I hope to set it next to the 12″. It’s not about need. That’s for sure. This machine is missing the usual parts. But the 12″ is complete so new parts can be cast. We will get a better look at this one later.

Well now is later. The machine has been moved and is now in limbo behind the building. There is no room for it inside.

The frame is the same as the 12″ but the bed is smaller, and the bottom head has only two bearings rather than the three on the 12″. Missing in this view are the two rear feed levers and the shaft that connects them. Also, the gear cover for the bed raising works.

From the operator’s side. The pawl that keeps the binder engaged is missing and the spring that retracts the binder is broken.


I have set off the little weight for the outside head chip breaker/pressure shoe. There is also missing the device for applying down pressure to the guide between the side heads. The top head has been bronze bushed. They are in need of replacement. I would like to return to babbitt.

The 8″ evidently has no idler/tensioner for the top head. The top head belted here with a modern thin belt.

Properly repaired and operated by someone who understood it, I believe this would make a fine machine.

The latest here is that a parts machine may be available to undo the reinvented top head bearings. We’ll see. I may also have room inside for the next Winter with the good machines.


This machine has been traded for knives. I did replace it with the No 3 7″ moulder which is smaller and which was easier to squeeze into the building. There is truly no good way to preserve these old machines without investing in shelter. I have come to believe that those who want these saved should give them to those who can shelter them because the running costs of shelter are higher than the value of the machine. Setting them outside makes them quickly not worth saving.


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