A new addition.  A renewed addition as I owned this once before 25 years ago.

This machine is very late in the American line. It represents the highest evolution of innovations in the American/Houston type moulders.

The machine is inside now.  Just enough room. The movie below shows the first stage of getting it going again.

Part 2



At this point the wicks have been pulled and the reservoirs beneath rinsed out with mineral spirits. The reservoirs wick feed oil to the bottom of the spindle. The spindle has been blued and rotated to locate the high spots in the bearings and to check spindle for any spring. So far so good. I needed to bring up the outside bearing. There is a screw to micro adjust the support column elevation.


This is the yoke. The hand wheel traverses it. The caps are in place until I get back to it. The screw and lock nut are to chase any wear with the cap. The cap has a large reservoir and felt feeds the top of the spindle at each bearing. Once set, the cap is clamped secure. the caps are a very close tolerance fit.


This is the outside bearing. It pulls off to access the cutter head which is removed here. The journal is smooth so that when the spindle is traversed or laterally adjusted, the journal slides to its new location in the fixed bearing.


Main top bearing scraped, reservoir cleaned, felt cleaned and re-installed.


Oil ports to reservoirs cleaned out and re-installed.


Outside bearing gets new felts.


Main cap. Scraped, oil grooves deepened, felts in place.


Cap contains a reservoir of large size.  Felted to keep the oil free of dust. The tab is what the micro adjust screw bears down on.

All part numbers begin with 35.


Belted.  A 4 inch belt. Leather two sides of a synthetic ply.

Part 3

Part 4


About a year now since I began working on this machine and it is now running and earning some income. I will need to get back to some parts of it but for the time being I am pleased with using it. The top head produces a beautiful finish. the bottom I am not sure yet. My set up was slightly out of balance so I will need to see what it does with a better set up. It is certainly perfectly adequate but my standards have been rising ever since I was gifted the proportional balance (Defiance).

I now have a metal lathe and will be starting to replace the odd bolts that replaced the originals. Every adjustment I want a 7/8 wrench to fit, regardless the thread.

This movie shows the machine running and making chips.


One Response to “AMERICAN No. 3 7″ MOULDER”

  1. Ron Seek Says:

    I have a 6″ model. But some one cut the horizontal shafts off. Am going to make new ones and looking for a pair of 6″ heads. Was being used by door co. in tacoma WA till I baught it 10 years ago. runs great.

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