The House of American has become a little more populated with the arrival of this American No 2 ½ Double Spindle Shaper.


I run mostly babbited machines with the exception that my shapers were all ball bearing. This machine will give me an opportunity to run a babbitted shaper and it fills out the Whitehouse Crawford inventory that I retain. Their double spindle was not available to me at the time, 1987-8, and we cannot run it down.

This machine runs off a very early Westinghouse double arbor electric motor that sits eight feet behind the machine. I plan to build a cover as at my sash stickers which will cover the belts and provide me a work surface for parts.


This machine was last used prior to 1952 when it was purchased from a mill shop in Indianapolis. It, with other very nicely kept machines, was never put in service. That is 60 years of preservation decades through which the machine would surely have been scrap or misunderstood.

Whoever ran this machine prior to me treated it well. He used the counter clockwise spindle by far the most. The iron planing shows the use in the area of the right spindle. The bearings have been re-poured. He left with the machine a very nice set fences. They will be very nice for me to have and study, indeed to continue using.


His collars are quite wore out and I will need to re profile and turn them but there is no evidence in the rings of thrown knives. The spindles have the top wrench faces which help to avoid bending the spindles.


Either spindle turns down completely below the table to clear when working single spindle.

The machine is speeded to 5000 rpm spindles. I will do as they did and run at the same. They will be my fastest babbitted spindles.

Initial trials:

My tachometer, mechanical, says 4250 so my math was off.


After decades idle, this old machine is making stuff again.

I have it set up here for odd shape sash joints as I have to make some five sided sash. This will work also for rounds and ovals; any shape that needs splined and where chip out needs to be avoided..











This machine is shown in the 1892 Clement catalog. I suspect this model had been out a few years prior.

002 (716x1024)

Mine was made during the American years after the Clement Co was combined in the merger that created American.


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