This adorable 400lbs of iron is the 6″ American Bench Jointer. This is the stoutest 6″ jointer I have ever seen. It is real well designed for longevity, stability, and ease of use.

The outer race for the bearings on this Brute are 62mm. The knives, three in this case, are secured with sectional gibs. The machine is not adapted for rabetting.

Here’s the fence. I believe the machine is earlier than 1914 because it does not have the lever fence I have seen on other postings of these bench jointers which was a1914 patent.

This is the gynormative Fairbanks Morse single phase motor that came with the machine. I believe this is a repulsion/induction motor. I will change this around. A smaller motor off the end of the base and get rid of the steel floor mount.

Here is the new motor mounting. This is a 1/2 horse 3 phase motor which is giving more than adequate power.

The pulley end of the cylinder was bent. So I had it cut down an trued up referencing from the bearing seats which were not affected at the bend which was at the outside of the housing. the reflective tape is for the laser tach. This machine is running at 4100rpm.

The new bearings are open. I returned to oil for lubrication. The original pulley side bearing appears to have been a roller bearing, the operator side a ball bearing.

Next I need to find a small starter and find a place to mount it that will not be too low to comfortably reach.

I replaced the motor bearings and took the opportunity to put the electrical connection out of sight. The fence has been filed a hair to sit off the infeed so I can use it as a depth (visual) indicator.

The knives on these have a very narrow range for setting. I will grind the knives to a less acute bevel for the next setting. I think the thin knife bevel grind has become more acute in recent times.

With the new bearings all around the machine passed the first dime and penny test. The second test, the dime fell over.


The beauty shot with gap tooth fixed – no more box nail and broken handle table lock.


2 Responses to “AMERICAN No.1 BENCH JOINTER”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How did you make the table lock handle

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