This is some of a Clement design triple dowel borer. There is enough here to make a single borer. The table lacks it’s wood top.

These are the three spindles. The cap to the center spindle is secured from above in order to make a close fit for the side spindles. If complete, the side spindles would be drawn by a threaded rod for spacing from the center of up to 10″ from the 1 1/4″ shown.

This shows the spindles from behind, I have stripped the electric motors for the side spindles away. At one time, they were driven by universal joints from shafts pivoting from the rear corners of the machine frame.

This is a fence for this machine which I had from another machine. The variety saw. My plan had been to adapt this table to the variety saw for boring but I have decided to keep this machine together as a single borer and keep an eye out for a parts machine to make it a complete belt driven machine.

I will retain this set up to drive the spindle.

If anyone knows of another of these machines that I can have part off, please let me know.

One of my rules with old machines is that they are worthless if the tooling is stuck in the heads or arbor, etc.. In this case it took two weeks of trying all the tricks to get the rusted and broken boring bit out of the main spindle. Just as I was ready to call the scrap man, Baby Jesus loosened the bit and smiled on me. Not only that, he didn’t let me bend the spindle!

I cleaned out an tuned up the bearings, changed the voltage from 440 and fire her up. Boy am I pleased. Smooth as silk. This is now my favorite ugly machine.

Now I want to get the other spindles going bad. I have been looking at universal joints and looking at drill speeds. I may slow this down. It’s at 3600 but it appears the sizable brad point bits are suggested to go 1800. Which is about the speed of the small joints I find that seem closest to the original in size.  Panda will help me get this one straightened out.

I also thought this was a real pretty bearing. A forever bearing. Look at how nicely the babbitt is keyed into the casting!

Next I will get the table top made. Some hardwood of some kind. Then I’ll have a user. An ugly one, but a good one.

New top. Second growth Doug Fir. It develops a harder surface than old growth. Fence angles.

Boring table corner braces.

Boring table legs.

The pile of junk begins to earn its keep.


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