This is a 30″ hand feed drum sander. Made in Rochester by Clement. It is to be one of two sanders I will place near the assembly area of the shop. The tables spread apart. The drum is large in diameter. Made of wood on iron hubs. Adjustable.

That half round bin is iron. Kinda holds the whole thing together. The baffles lift out so a guy can sand radius items.

Common to many simple sanders of the time, the clamp bar pinches the joint and tightens the paper. I am looking forward to running this. It is out in the main arena now after being in storage for 25 years.

New Paper!



It’s turning out to be a pretty useful machine.

My first paper I put on too tight. The power of these bars to stretch and clamp is significant. The bolts reach into a hefty iron bar the width of the drum.

I am powering it with 3 hp.


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