January 1, 2010

Welcome to an American Wood Working Machinery site, dedicated to use and preservation of products of the American Wood Working Machinery Company, 1897-1925. I will be collecting and sharing at this site what I know and experience with the vintage American machines I own and operate. There will be a few other brands as well. New Britain for chain mortisers and some Los Angeles makers for whom I have a peculiar interest – Davis and Wells and Rodgers Production Machinery.

Welcome also to the American Wood Window Making site, dedicated to traditional wood window making in America. Machine entries are in UPPER CASE letters while window related entries are in proper title form. There will be stuff about door making and running moulding as well. By American I mean English joinery with an American twist as opposed to French or German window making which are quite different.

The content of this site will be added to incrementally over time.

I have been using old equipment for nearly 30 years now. Primarily it is used in the manufacture of windows, doors, and associated millwork. The shop specializes in matching millwork details used in older buildings. I enjoy my old machines a bunch and hope to convey that here.

People have often asked me to share my experience. Here it is!

The House of American.


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